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Looking to remap your petrol or turbo diesel engine ?

Prochip UK (Protint UK’s sister company) specialise in tuning vehicles through the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port and also BDM tricore tuning. This means that we can optimise your vehicles performance by uploading new software with more efficient values, resulting in much better performance, torque and even economy – which in this current climate is invaluable saving on fuel costs, especially if you run a fleet of vehicles. This service is available for most vehicles from 2000 onwards. Our chip tuning is also available for older vehicles that do not support ‘flashing’ by the OBD port or has a non programmable chip.


After considerable time in market researching remapping and investigating who are the trusted leaders in writing files for ECU remaps, we invested 10’s of thousands in CMD Technology remapping equipment, such as CMD Flash.

These are not cheap chinese cloned hand held tools and the files are not taken from a copied disc bought off ebay for a couple of pounds.

We only use trusted, recommended companies and products throughout our services, this is why Protint UK has grown year on year since being established since 2004, not only in our standard of service but our belief in our products and loyalty to companies who provide the quality we expect.

With full back up from VES-Sport, a well established performance tuning company founded in 2002 who’s aim is creating world class leading software for the needs of performance tuning companies worldwide and there customers. In the developments since 2002, VES-Sport have built a new state of the art tuning complex custom built for creating world class engine tuning software for the chip tuning world. With tuning head quarters based in Scotland, this includes:

Temperature controlled Dyno for accurate data analysis and measure for tuning software
Extensive programming and development area for tuning
Modern laboratory for software processing and manufacture
With over 16 years electronic design and repair experience

You can fully trust with VES-Sport’s extended tool range that a full diagnoses on the ECU is done before carrying out a remap as well as test driving. It’s very important that the vehicle is running 100% before any remap is carried out – if there is a problem, remapping the vehicle could damage your engine. We understand the importance of having your vehicle running to your requirements, to provide more power, better economy or a perfect blend of both.

You can trust Prochip UK NEVER to use third party, generic or off-the-shelf maps.

Prochip UK can give you:

Realistic guaranteed increase in BHP
Guaranteed increase in torque – great for towing
Improved fuel economy
Smoother power delivery
Improved throttle response.
Safer overtaking
Lifetime warranty on the product
No hassle 7 day money back guarantee
Easy access to your original file if required
We really believe in giving the best advice to people in whether we agree a remap is worth purchasing. We do not over state our increase capabilities just to get that sale, like some other companies. We will remap your vehicle to a safe limit and if we feel it would not be economically sound for you – say only an increase of 6bhp, when other companies have said 15bhp, we will advise you not to go ahead. And usually when that customer buys another car, we end up remapping that one instead or sell on a recommendation.

It is not worth us as a growing company to sell something that isn’t what it seems and then losing confidence with that customer who then talks to other potential customers….

It is prudent to ensure you are getting good backup and after sales support. Simple things such as:

No hassle 7 day money back guarantee
Lifetime warranty on the product against corruption or other defect
Easy access to your original calibration file if needed
BHP increase guaranteed
Torque increase guaranteed
Fuel economy improvements on turbo diesel engines guaranteed
Details of the actual file calibrator

So for the sake of paying out more for a Prochip UK remap as opposed to a cheap download, at least you have peace of mind in what we are selling and know our customer care and support is our first priority.
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