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Q: How long does a remap take?
A: Depending on broadband strength around 1 to 2 hours including a full diagnostics before and after.
Q: Where is it done?
A: We are mobile in the South West region up to 30 miles radious from BA14 8BN for a small travel fee of £25.00. Or you can come to our workshop in Trowbridge which has free parking and is a short walk to the town’s shopping centre.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: Not as expensive as some people are led to believe, our full ECU remaps cost from £250.00 including VAT upwards, including pre and post checks on your vehicle and covers guarantee.
Q: So why don’t manufacturers do this from standard to the ECU?
 A: The ECU controls a multitude of different engine functions such as ignition timing, fueling and boost pressure. Within this computer a file stores the manufacturers settings that have been fixed to allow for build tolerances into their engines and to comply with emission targets, cope with sub-standard fuels found in some countries, operate in areas with extreme environments and allow for some owners irregular service standards and intervals. When we remap your vehicle, it’s mainly for performance, however, it is also fine tuning the engine to run perfectly to your requirements, as each individual engine is different. When we’re finished, your car will run as it always should have done.
Q: Chipping’s the same as remapping isn’t it?
A: Chipping is the older version of what remaps are today. Chipping involves the ECU being physically opened and replacing the main microchip with a modified microchip. Our far more advanced methods mean that there is now no need to open the ECU, risking potential damage and failure.
Q: This statement often pops up. ‘’Why spend all that money on a remap when I can buy a tuning box off ebay for far less, for the same results?’’
A: As we always back up the original files to a secure onsite server, the original files can be loaded back onto the vehicle at any time.
Q: This statement often pops up. ‘’Why spend all that money on a remap when I can buy a tuning box off ebay for far less, for the same results?’’

A: The option other than a proper remap is a plug in tuning box which yes, you can buy off ebay for next to nothing – But why is a remap better? – because it is a full and trusted remap!

The tuning boxes simply give out false sensor values throughout the complete rev range. The ECU is constantly fooled into believing that not enough fuel is entering the engine, so it overfuels the engine to gain that extra performance – basically you are driving with the choke on. Although performance gains are made, other areas are affected, such as high emission readings, higher engine temperatures and general poor running of the engine. Many sellers of these tuning boxes state that they are completely invisble as they can be removed – This is not the case, diagnostics tools will show errors which have been caused by the incorrect fuelling. Problems related to tuning boxes are poor running, black smoke from the exhaust, rough idling and clogged injectors and even the engine cutting out.

Q: Can a remap be detected by a dealer servicing the vehicle?
A: The dealer cannot determine that the ECU has been modified with their equipment as the software downloads are designed to be non-detectable. Should the dealer accidentally overwrite our upgrade we will happily provide another software upgrade absolutely *FREE of charge.
*(a small fee will apply in certain circumstances)
Q: What if I’m not happy with the remap?
A: We will happily put the vehicle back to standard and give you a full refund – This hasn’t happened as yet as all our customers are more than happy and have also recommended us to their friends and family.
Q: Is the remap guaranteed?
A: Yes our work and remap is fully guaranteed.
Hidden Dangers

At Prochip UK, we pride ourselves in being as open and honest as possible about the advantages and disadvantages of engine ‘’remaps’’ that are available on the market

Please consider these facts before purchasing a remap:

As many drivers we have come across are aware, you can now go online and easily obtain a relatively cheap diesel tuning and remapping programmer that will both read and write the file in your ECU – which basically means you could easily alter the way your engine runs with a few adjustments. This is where the problems have started to arise – not only can you buy the hardware, you can also buy files on a disc that claim to offer the same as us. These disc’s often have thousands of modified ECU files on them, and all for only under a tenner – Does that sound like a professional and trustworthy option?

You can bet that these files have been stolen from companies over the years and have been compiled onto discs ready for the unsuspecting customer. Are the files any good? Will they cause long term damage to your engine? Would you want to risk finding out? Sadly lots of people trying to save money on cheaper options have found out the hard way. Only the manufacturers are the winners on this, rubbing their hands together buying in genuine parts to fix the problems a cheap download has caused.

We felt it was necessary to warn you of the hidden dangers out there but to give you more peace of mind in what you are purchasing from us is the real deal and to justify why we charge more on our professional remaps – as opposed to a man on the end of a newly placed website flogging cheap cd’s promising what we do, then disappearing after taking your money when you have major problems to sort with your vehicle. Whereas we will start with your OWN original file and modify that one so that all your information is retained securely, as well as any updates you have had installed from the factory.

We are dealing with fast paced high technology that requires constant re-investment in tooling and skills for modern day vehicles. With professional remapping you need to have access to the best tools and software on the market and need to be up to date with training. All of which costs thousands of pounds+

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