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Contra Vision

Contra Vision™ or One Way Vision

Contra Vision™ also known as one way vision, also spelt contravision™ or contra-vision™, is a perforated vinyl used on windows and vehicle rear windows. It can be described as see-through graphic signs, transparent graphic signs or vision control materials.

Contra vision™ has a design or colour on one side that is not visible from the other side, which typically provides a clear, tinted view through the panel. Contra Vision™ is sometimes referred to as a one-way vision material, though many different vision control options are possible.

Contra Vision™ vinyl allows you to have a clear view outside from the inside whilst only images printed onto the Contra Vision™ can be viewed from the outside.

Contra Vision™ converts buildings into spectacular promotions, taking outdoor advertising into new dimensions


  • An opportunity to apply signage to a window without obscuring the view of those inside.
  • Wherever Contra Vision™ is applied, the retailer and customers maintain a clear view out and daylight in, while the interior also benefits from solar shading.
  • Contra Vision™ eliminates “window clutter” overcoming conventional solid graphics.
  • Contra Vision™ can be digitally or screen printed
  • Contra Vision™ on windows provides additional security for those inside who can see what is happening outside while those outside see only the signage on the windows.
  • Contra Vision™ signage applied to a window will prevent a brick from being thrown through the glass.

Additional Advantages

  • Reduction of solar heat gain, glare, UV radiation>
  • Safety of being able to see through glass doors, partitions, etc

Markets for Contra Vision™

  • Security
  • Advertising
  • Buildings
  • Vehicles

Contra Vision™ can also be used very effectively for shop windows and shop fronts. There are so many types of applications for Contra Vision™….the limits are almost endless.

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